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FAQ For 510 Thread Vape Cartridges

Can you reuse 510 cartridges?

One important thing to remember is that although 510 cartridges are refillable, they are meant to 

be replaced after a couple of refills for the best experience

What uses a 510-thread?

“510” refers to the screw threads on the battery that the cannabis oil cartridges can screw onto. 

It's 10 threads at 5mm. This type of threaded connection quickly the standard for most cannabis 

vape pens and e-cigs, which make it easier to use different cartridges and pens as you like.

What do you do with empty vape carts?

As per most authorities, a safe, convenient, and proper approach to empty vape cartridges dispose 

of requires precautionary nicotine solution removal. It is carried out by throwing the filler material 

in the sink and rinsing out the cartridges under running water until all the nicotine particles are 

removed entirely.

How do you clean a 510 cartridge?

Dab cotton swabs in rubbing alcohol and gently scrub the exterior of the cartridge, taking special 

care to remove any residue on the outside of the cartridge. Once the exterior is clean, use a paper 

towel to dry the outside of the cartridge completely.

How do you keep 510 carts from clogging?

How to Prevent Your Vape Cart from Clogging

Take Smaller Hits.

Take “Dry” Hits.

Clean the Mouthpiece.

Hit the Vape Every Few Days.

Make Sure it isn't Primed.

Take Smaller Hits.

Check for Leaks.

Store Your Vape In an Upright Position.

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