C5 2g Ceramic Cartridge

2ml Ceramic Cartridge Used For 60%-90% CBD or Delta 8, THC Extracts Oil Distillate, It comes Ceramicl Coil Technology with 2g capacity For Press Lock Ceramic mouthpiece and Ceramic Center Post.

C5  2g Ceramic Vape Cartridge  CBD Vape Cartridge Used For 60%-90% CBD or THC Extracts Oil, 

It comes Ceramic Coil Technology and Press lock ceramic Mouthpiece


Size: 16mm*62mm 

Capacity: 2ml

Resistance: 1.4ohm

Heating Core: Ceramic Coil

Weight: 14g

Our 2ml 510 Cartridge are made by Food Grade Material and Insure High Quality and Stable Quality, Our Cartridge Filling 

Failure Rate Less 0.5% and No Clogging, No Burning Taste.


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