D5 Cottonless/Postless Pen 1ml

100% CottonLess Full Ceramic Coil and Postless All in One Vape Pen Used for THC DistillateWith 1ml Capacity ,Coming with 280mah Battery Power ,there is Micro USB Charging On the Bottom, D5 CBD Oil Vape Pen Used For Delta 8 Oil, Delta 9 Oil and Over 90% THC Oil.

100% Cottonless D5 THC Distillate Disposable All in One Vape Pen

Cottonless D5 Disposable Vape Pod feature a All in One design, a glass tank, and use an industry-leading ceramic atomizer design that

provides incredible efficiency for concentrate use.Compared to cotton or silica wick systems the ceramic atomizer provides 

better oil absorption and performance, even with thick oils. The tops of the Pens can be removed for easy refilling, while still 

remaining leak-proof.

  • Cottonless Totally Full Ceramic Coil

  • No Center Post

  • Tank Volume 1.0ml

  • 280mah Battery Power

  • D9.5mm*L99.5mm

  • Pass HM Testing

  • Works For High Viscosity Oil

  • 100 Pcs Per Box

  • 1.4ohm Resistance

  • Screwed Mouthpiece

  • Use For 65%-90% Viscosity Oil

  • Bottom Micro USB Rechargable

Cottonless D5 Disposable Vape Pod KVAP.jpg

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