Z4 Zirconia Ceramic Cartridge

Z4 Zirconia Center Post Cartridge is made of by High End Revelution Material Zirconium,It 's feature of Much More Hard and Anti Acid Resistance.It is 14mm Diameter For 1.0ml Volume.100% No Lead and Heavy Metals.No Glue.

Z4 Zirconia Center Post Ceramic Cartridge

Z4 Zirconia Zirconia Center Post Ceramic Cartridge is made of by High End Revelution Material ,It 's feature of Much Hard and Anti Acid Resistance 

. It can Solve well currently Breakage and Weak Acidness Problems. 100% No Lead and Heavy Metals.100% No Glue

It is Mainly Use For High End Premium Vape Brand Company use.


  • Full High End Value Zirconia Mouthpiece,Post and Band

  • Glass Tank

  • Tank Volume 1.0ml

  • Standard 510 Thread

  • D14mm*L55mm

  • Pass HM Testing

  • 4 Pcs 2.0mm inlets

  • 100 Pcs Per Box

  • 1.4ohm Resistance

  • Press Lock on Mouthpiece 

  • Use For 65%-95% Viscosity Oil


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